About Me

I am fascinated and often consumed by the juxtaposition of beauty and sorrow, comfort and hardship, and the kindness and the brutality of nature. Growing up in the desert then traveling the world, I have been deeply touched by the various forms I have witnessed of this same struggle. It all comes back to the desert, to my home, to my being. I have spent the better part of my life meditating on the question of existentialism, beginning on long hikes in the desert growing up. There is evidence of the struggle of life against death everywhere in the desert. My art is a reflection, and perhaps a reminder that this life ends, and we have to keep persisting as gracefully and loving as possible, through this harsh miracle of life. 

Artist Bio

Tina Roy is an oil painter who was born and raised in the Arizona desert. Tina developed her artistic skills throughout her childhood, and she went on to double major in Art History and Fine Arts at The American University of Paris in France. Being on the eternal quest for beauty has led her to visit and live in many extraordinary places across the world from Argentina to India. Over the years she has gathered visual material from her travels, as well as a unique global perspective that she draws upon when making art. Ultimately, Tina’s adventures took her full circle back home to Arizona. Back to the desert, where she creates with the cactus and coyotes outside her door.